La cité des fous: Dieu, l'homme et la cité en France et Provence médiévale

Anne Azéma, chant et vielle à roue


Shira Kammen, vielle, rebec et harpe

I. Introit

Una ciutatz fo                                                    Peire Cardenal (c. 1215- c. 1240)

Ad cor tuum revertere                                       Philippe le Chancelier (1165-1236)

II Rex in aeternum vive!

Rex in aeternum vive!                                        Anonyme, Ludus Danielis, 13ème                      

Jubilemos regi nostro                                        Anonyme,  Ludus Danielis

Estampie Royale                                                Anonyme, 13 ème

Similabo                                                              Liber Usualis

Mon chan fenisc                                                  Bertran de Born (B.C.1140)

Rex in aeternum vive!                                         Anonyme, Ludus Danielis                     

III  Fex ypocrisie

Hé Diex! Qu’il y a  de fauz visages              Anonyme, Fauvel, ca 1310

Omni pene curie                                                Anonyme,  Fauvel,
Dieus est  ensi conme li  pelicans                   Thibault de Champagne (1201-1253)

Veritas arpie                                                      Anonyme, Fauvel

Instrumental                                                        Anonyme

Tot dreit a Carcassona                                     Chanson de la Croisade Albigeoise (1228?)

En bon Ponto                                                     Cantiga de Santa Maria 363

                                                                             attrib. à Alfonso el Sabio (1221-1284)


IV  Lo frug de saber

Adest sponsus                                                  Anonyme, Sponsus, 12 ème

Vexilla Regis                                                     Liber Usualis (Venance Fortunat - ? - 609)

Dels quatre caps que a la cros                       Texte: Peire Cardenal

                                                                             Musique: Jaufré Rudel (c.1125-c.1148)

V  Roma trichairitz

Que.l majer sens c'om pot aver                      Peire Cardenal

D'un sirventes far                                               Texte: Guilhem Figueira (c.1215-c.1240) - 6.30

                                                                             Musique:  basée sur Peire Vidal (c.1180-1205)

Dic Christi veritas                                              Anonyme, Carmina Burana, ca 1230

Bulla Fulminante                                                Philippe le Chancelier, Carmina Burana

VI Coda

Una ciutatz fo                                                     Texte : Peire Cardenal

                                                                             Musique basée sur Cantiga de Santa Maria 45  

                                                                             attrib. À  Alfonso el Sabio

Bonum est confidere                                          Philippe le Chancelier, Carmina Burana


The musicians

Anne Azéma and Shira Kammen have performed  together for over 10 years, on three continents,  appearing as partners on  many  concerts and recordings.  A few weeks ago, they recorded  their first duet CD, a program of French Medieval  miracle songs, Etoile du Nord.  

French soprano Anne Azéma is renowned for her performances of early music. She has been acclaimed by critics on four continents for her original, passionate, and vivid approach to songs and texts of the Middle Ages. She has also been widely praised in many other repertoires, from Renaissance lute songs to Baroque sacred music to twentieth-century music theatre. Ms Azéma's current discography numbers about thirty recordings as a soloist or a recitalist. A featured soloist with The Boston Camerata , she has taken prominent roles in many of that ensemble's tours and Erato productions (Grand Prix du Disque). She has been a soloist with numerous other ensembles, large and small, early and contemporary. Ms. Azéma is a founding member of the Camerata Mediterranea, touring with them internationally and appearing on all of that ensemble CD's (Edison Prize).  She is frequently invited as a recitalist touring in North America, Europe, Africa, and Japan. Her teaching activities include master classes, seminars, residencies in France, Holland and the U.S. Anne Azéma's recent major festival appearances as soloist and recitalist include Aix-en-Provence, Graz, Versailles, Spoleto U.S.A., Singapore, Jerusalem, Seville, Dresden, Boston, Bergen, Tanglewood and Tokyo. Anne Azéma was recently appointed director of musical programming for a major project on Medieval Gardens at the Musée National du Moyen Age, Paris.

Shira Kammen received her degree in music from UC Berkeley and studied vielle with Margriet Tindemans. A member for many years of Ensembles Alcatraz, Project Ars Nova, and Medieval Strings, she has also worked with many other ensembles including Sequentia, Hesperion XX, The Boston Camerata, Camerata Mediterranea and the King's Noyse, and is the founder of Class V music, a group dedicated to performing on river rafting trips. She has performed and taught music in the United States, Europe, Canada, Israel and Morocco, as well as on the Colorado and Rogue rivers.  Shira often collaborates with several new groups: a medieval ensemble, Fortune's Wheel; a contemporary music group ; Ephemeros, and an eclectic ethnic band, Panacea.

Summer 2001

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